Friday, August 13, 2010

ePay Donation Programs

Payroll Donation is a special programme for corporate employees and organizations eager to give back to society. You work directly from your desk using the Internet. It works as follows:
•Employees give permission to deduct a small part of their salary every month. This can be as little as Rs 100/= per month.
•This is accumulated and is shown in a Ledger on our website for the Employee to check.
•Once enough amount is accumulated, Employee goes to our site and DONATES a part or full amount from his Ledger to a selected cause / NGO available on our website.
•Karmic ensures that every Employee who has donated gets a feedback Report on how the donated money is being used. This feedback Report can be checked by the Employee online on our website.
•100% of the donated amount goes to the NGO. We do not deduct anything.
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