Friday, September 3, 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility

Karmic seeks to work very closely with Corporates in furthering their agenda of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Many corporates are voluntarily taking steps to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society at large. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aligns business operations with social values.

A company that is considered a good corporate citizen is one that demonstrates a commitment to its stakeholders through socially responsible business practices, transparent operations and involvement with the betterment of society at large. . It is no more viewed as a liability on corporate resources.

Karmic is a trusted partner that can be relied on by Corporates to achieve these goals. Karmic actively seeks to network and forge partnerships with like minded corporate organisations in India as well as across the world.

Karmic helps the corporate in strengthening their CSR Programme in following ways:

•Social Audit of Corporates internal CSR Projects

•Development & Execution of New projects jointly

•Customized Projects for Corporate social programs.

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